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Archives of Sexual Science, Archiv für Sexualwissenschaft

The DMK Collection

About the museum:
The virtual DMK Erotic Art Museum is one of the leading private collections in this field .
Art Lovers will find 4,500 items,  antiquities and Photographs dating back to 3500 B.C.  till and modern, pop-culture fare.

publications  :  Literature

the collection has been published international in the following literature:
An Illustrated Anthology of EROTICA Little, Brown Book, UK
The Second Illustrated Antology of EROTICA
The Third Illustrated Antology of EROTICA
EROTISCHE KUNST vom Mittelalter bis zur Gründerzeit, Gondrom
EROTISCHE KUNST vom Jugendstil bis ART DECO, Gondrom
Serie EROTISCHE KUNST in 29. Bänden DMK Verlag
Libros Para Amantes, La Mascara, Spanien
Piaceri Morbosi, Glittering Images, Italien
French Eroticism - Omega Books - GB
Galerie der Erotik - Archiv Verlag a.s.o.
EROTIC ART in 17 Volumes The DMK Collection Tokyo Ho-NO Tomasha a.s.o.

The DMK-Collection,  the DMK  Erotic-Art-Museum  based on the collection Roger Peyrefitte, Paris

we  show  a combination of rare examples of Erotic Art in the context of of Sexual Science and
 explain from our point of view the basic and subtile thoughts for a better understanding.

 Our goal is to explain the links between human behavior and Sexuality.

text  english / german


Antiquities -Antiken
Greec - Roman - Egypt

Europe - 17th and 18th century
Terracotta by Claude Michel Clodion * 1738 Nancy † 1814 Paris
The exhibition: 10.-Oktober - 25. November 2000 im SALZBURGER BAROCKMUSEUM
 "Salzburg errötet" Collection D.M. Klinger
"Salzburg blushes")


Biedermeier 1820 - 1835
Europe -  1850 - 1890
including a very rare Set of 20 illustrations said to be made for a member of the austrian
Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1805 – 1874)

Europe art nouveau
Jugendstil around 1900

Beschneidungsmesser   circumcision knife

Europe Art Deco

Europe 1950ties

Modern Art

The "de Sade" Illustrations
by David Wilde

Africa - Southamerica


erotic Comics (drawings)  by J.Kromer 1927  USA   

China -Japan

Arabien - Arabia

 Indien - India - Nepal

Buchillustrationen/ bookillustrations

 Documentation of sexual behavior
 secret privat erotic Photography in the NAZI aera

sold out

 Documentation of sexual behavior
in the 50ties Privat Case 6 - 20
a limited bibiophile  de-luxe edition

Lesben - in den 50er Jahren

Lesbiens in the 50ties

Masters of Photography like:

under preparation:        

Wartime and Sex - Images
from a Auschwitz Administrator

200 years of Lesbiens in art for sale : of   erotic art Miniatures on Ivory 19th. cent.

7  rare Drawings by Charles Edouard de Beaumont, 1812 - 1886 Paris

 Documentation of sexual behavior
 The secret privat erotic Photography in the NAZI aera
(book sold out )


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rare antiquarian books -
rare antiquarische Bücher


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Die Dokumentation Erotische Fotografie der 50er Jahre   15 limit. Bucherscheinungen

Die geheime Sammlung eines Klistieromanen (50er Jahre) The secret enemea collection of a priest

DVD Club Vojeur english
DVD Club Vojeur  - deutsch
more than 100 titles!


 Erotic Photography of the 50thies 15 volumes


Bücher  deutsch

DVD Club Vojeur  - deutsch


Early erotic  Photography

erotic 20th cent. Photography
die Kunstakademie - the academy

Erotic  Photography  of the 50th -
Rosemarie Nitribit -  Frankfurt
a class prostitute which has been murdered

Homosexuality - male

Erotik in Arabien
arab eroticas

Photogaphic shows: all accompanied by printed books      
Souvernirs de Paris
a rare Photographic album dating from 1880. If was found in India in the possession of a Maharadja,
ARAB NUDES by  Lehnert & Landrock
around the turn of the century, Lehnert and Landrock worked in Tunis

The secret Erotic-Photography of
LONDON - SOHO  in the 50ties

Guglielmo Plüschow
Male and female  Nudes and Land-scapes in Italy and Egypt from 1910
The secret flagellantic Collection of Hugo, Nuernberg 1907

Stefen Glass, London


and one of the famous
erotic paintings :

Jacques Louis David (1748 - 1825)
Jupiter and Semele

The DOMINIK ALTERIO image Archive The DOMINIK ALTERIO image Archive

The DOMINIK ALTERIO image Archive

The DOMINIK ALTERIO image Archive The DOMINIK ALTERIO image Archive


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* The private DMK Erotic Art Museum
 is one of the leading private collections in this field.

Based on the collection Roger Peyrefitte, Paris and founded by a German artcollector
D.M. Klinger who published more than 60 volumes of books since 1982 bibliophile including
approx. 15000 illustrations on the subject. Not open to the public.
Art Lovers will find 4,500 art objects, antiquities and Photographs dating back to 3500 BC and modern, pop-culture.

The collection contains works of:
Charles Edouard de Beaumont, 1812 - 1886 Paris, drawings and watercolors
Paul Avril, 1843 - 1928 Provenance: Michel Simon watercolor
Ferdinando da Napoli (ca 1930) drawings,Georges Alfred Pavis, 1886 - 1951 watercolors
Franz von Bayros, 1866 - 1924, original hand drawing

Rougeon 1920 5 color drawings

Hanns Haas, 1890 - 1963 the drawing estate

Morin Louis, Brussels geb.1851 watercolors

Fay D, Ungar, who lived around 1920 in Paris,

David Wilde 1918 - 1974 GB
the drawing estate

Leo Putz, 1869 - 1940, drawings
Leonor Fini, drawing
Salvator Dali , illustrated a limited book

A collection of  approx 4000  historic photoes
the DOMINIK ALTERIO photoarchive

among others;

ART - MUSEO DEL ARTE EROTICA "musée imaginaire"

The extensive collection D. M. Klinger (ex. Art dealers, -collector -, auctioneer)
EROTIC ART built in the years 1980 – 1999 .It is  based on parts of the collection
Roger Peyrefitte in Paris. It was built by different rules. On one hand, as
Summary of historical time documents from antiquity to modern times, the other as
psychological object of study of human sexuality in its many Manifestations and not least the sexuality as "funny" psychological levels of essence of man.

The focus of the collection is the rare EROTIC ART IN EUROPE.
It includes more than 4500 exhibits of modern times to the modern era of
all areas such as painting, watercolors, drawings, sculptures, ill. Books,
Portfolios, a.s.o. A very rare series of large-scale drawings of Herrmann
Kaulbach made for a member of the Austrian imperial family, Charles Edouard de
Beaumont 1812 - 1886 Paris Paul Avril 1843 - 1928 Provenance: Michel Simon, Ferdinando da Napoli (ca 1930) about 50 drawings, Georges Alfred Pavis, 1886-1951, St. Francis of Bayros,  1866 - 1924,
 original drawings, Rougeon, 1920 five color drawings, Hanns Haas 1890 - 1963 of drawings estate,
Louis, geb.1851 Brussels - watercolors, Fay D. a Hungarian who lived around 1920 in Paris,
David Wilde
1918-1974 the drawing estate, Leo
Putz, 1869 - 1940, Leonor Fini,  Salvator Dali to name just a few.
Similar to the American sexologist Kinsey of an extensive collection of erotic photographs
archived from all over the world here is a means of three major international collections
Abundance of hist. Valuable mostly unknown images all variants of the sexual life
documented. Parts in the series were documented PRIVATE CASE (29 volumes). (H. B. Publisher H.B. Wilson-DMK
The evaluation took place
in the tradition of S. Freud, W. Reich and Gustav Le Bon.

Parts of the collection were exhibited:
 EROTIC ART collection DM Klinger 10th
October to 18 November 2000 at SALZBURG BAROCKMUSEUM The exhibition
Artworks most of the 17th and 18th centuries. Included in Europe were shown were works of
Rembrandt, Cornelis van Haarlem, F. Boucher, Antoine Borel, Freudenberg, 21 engravings .The Illustrations of "Fables of La Fontaine" from the tenant-general issue "was published in 1764 Amsterdam, by F. Eisen , Boilly, etc Moreau, Thomas Rowlandson, Jean Frederic Schall
Jacques Philippe Caresme, terracottas of Clodion and Jean Babtist Defernex, David, and
many anonymous artists

TV reports: on 10.10.2000 ORF evening news

in BR on 26.10.2000 in "Capriccio"

Literature of the collection: An Illustrated Antology of EROTICA, Little Brown Book, UK,
German edition Taschen
The Second Illustrated Antology of EROTICA -
The Illustrated
History of Erotica 3 vol. Carroll & Graf New York
EROTIC ART from Middle Ages to the early days,
 EROTIC ART Gondrom publisher from Art Nouveau to ART DECO, Gondrom Publisher Series EROTIC ART in 29 volumes and more than 15, 000 Pictures,
DMK Publishing Libros Para Amantes Nuremberg, La Mascara, Spain -
 Eroticon  Taschen Verlag 2000 EROTICA UNIVERSALIS Taschen (picture contribution) Piaceri Morbosi,
Glittering Images, Spain French eroticism - Omega Books - UK Gallery of Erotic -

Publisher fascination desire Neff Moewig 1993
 Japan: DM Klinger Collection 18 Volumes - Tokyo
1998 - 2002 Hon-no-Tomosha
"Sexualia mundi" Könemann Publishing (picture contribution) Hexenelexiere
- Heel Verlag