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Copyright regulations

Online illustrates book covers and photographs from books. H.B.WILSON-DMK CO.s.r.o. does
hold the copyright to these illustrations.  The pictures are only intended for private use, and it is not allowed
to copy them or to bring them into circulation in any way (via the Internet, for instance).

The visual appearance of H.B.WILSON-DMK CO.s.r.o. , whether in its advertising, or on the
Internet, is fully protected. The  the names H.B.WILSON-DMK CO.s.r.o. and  DMK-Collection the DMK Erotic-Art-Museum  are
 trade marks .

All descriptions of books originate from H.B.WILSON-DMK CO.s.r.o. and are protected by
copyright. It is not allowed to copy our database or the structure of the H.B.WILSON-DMK
CO.s.r.o. Online presence. Any violation of our copyright will lead to legal action, and we will
pursue our rights worldwide.

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