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An Offer for the Friends of Erotic Art and Photography

Esteemed Customer,

 As well-known producers of the erotic since 1982, we have established a publishing company for the friends of Erotic Art and Photography . In the last  years, we have produced more than 70 Collectors Editions with a growing interest. As far as we know, we are the only publisher in the world specialising on non-massmarket EROTICAS in limited editions.

In the first place, our customers are aesthetes with a natural need for the erotic.
They belong to the spiritual upper class and are often disappointed by the weak offerings
of the market. The erotic as art reaches a level far above such lowness. We have always
put value on high standards in terms of aesthetics and historical authenticity. We are
interested in the special, the rare, though it has always cost a little more to possess
good taste. PRIVAT CASE is the name of the Book Club, with erotica similar to the secret
collection in the London Museum of Art.

EROTICISM  on the level of art!
for the friends of EROTIC ART and PHOTOGRAPHY
Bibliophile,limited, numbered fully illustrated; precious
COLLECTORS EDITIONS, hardcover, 24 x 16 cm,
24 kt. Goldcoverimprint, 96 pages
originally serving as auctioncatalogues for our auction sales of
 text German - English
Single Copies  € 39.90 / # 1-21and # 25 +26  € 34.90 plus Postage
Orders only by Creditcard - Money Orders - Cash (no personal Cheque)

Souvernirs de Paris
a rare Photographic album dating from 1880. If was found in India in the possession of a
Maharadja, when his Palace and the contence was sold. The pictures are of great
aesthetic value even of its intimate nature.

PRIVAT CASE 2 - 3 - 4
DOMINIK ALTERIO CATALOGUE of his Models in 3 Volumes

The wellknown Photographer is a painter and philosopher, he prefers
very slim Models ranging from young to middleage. In indian Mythology the are called "Gazelle-woman"
Its called the "Intelectual taste" always
presented in picturesque settings. Nine publications from Japan, France, Germany, Italy,
England ans Spain have established his Name. The CATALOGUE including 81 Models
is also ment as a guide for PHOTO-COLLECTORS and public Museums.

ARAB NUDES by Lehnert & Landrock
around the turn of the century, Lehnert and Landrock worked in Tunis, now the
company still exists in Cairo producing maps. Then Lehnert became famous for his
pictoresque Photographs of young native Maidens and Boys as well as landscapes.
Including a Homage by DOMINIK ALTERIO (almost sold out - priced  now € 49.90)

in 15 volumes

the exciting Series documenting the Sex-Life of the Rock´n Roll Aera
A period many of remember when we were young

PRIVAT CASE 6 - 7 - 8
The secret Erotic-Photography of

The natural female lust, to tempt and show their beauty, Striptease, Nylons, Lingerie,
Pettycoats shown in the post-war Ambiente are now alrealy honored by Scientists and
Historians as well as public museums as demonstration of the "Zeitgeist" worth

PRIVAT CASE 9 - 10 - 11
Scandinavian Nudes
The Scandinavians were the first to introduce a liberal attitude towards Sexuality.
Vol. 9 includes Studioimages, Vol 10 Outdoor shots, Vol 11 Man and Woman

PRIVAT CASE 12 - 13 - 14
Germany and Austria
Erotic Photography was rather rare, taken in economy-bedrooms, Kitchens und Livingrooms
High-quality productions are rare, most was done in a amateur-style but some of it is fresh and pure. Vol
12 includes female Nudes, Vol 13 Lesbiens, Vol 14 Gays

PRIVAT CASE 15 - 16 - 17
"Paris - Oh la la"
Eroticism traditionally plays a great part in Paris.The french always demonstrated it with the flair of a
classy style of savoire vivre . The images are sparkling like Champagne and provocative. (includes first nudes of Brigitte Bardot)

PRIVAT CASE 18 - 19 - 20
USA the Aera of Rock´n Roll
Hollywood, Starlets, Nylons, Teenagers in professional and amateur
style settings. Very easy, courious and non-neurotic just as we know most Americans demonstrating
their Lovelive in different situations.

PRIVAT CASE 21 Guglielmo Plüschow
Male and female  Nudes and Landscapes in Italy and Egypt from 1910
The Photographer was adopted by Wilhelm von Gloeden 

Special PRIVAT CASE Editions including 96 bw. and 16 Color-pages

PRIVAT CASE 22 Lesbiens in Erotic Art

including artwork, drawings, paintings dating back 200 years
including a colorseries of Photographs by DOMINIK ALTERIO
€ 39.90

The secret flagellantic Collection of Hugo, Nuernberg 1907

an interesting vintage collection of early flagellantic and masochistic images
including a colorseries of Photographs by DOMINIK ALTERIO
€ 39.90

Contemporary Masters of Erotic Art
€ 39.90

Monastic Sex in art
rare paintings, drawings mostly unpublished from the 17th to the 19th century


Monastic Sex in photography from the 19th century
funny and satirical pictures which make us smile

 Series 4 Volumes titled
100 Years of shaved Woman in Photography,
limited edition 1000 numbered copies,
Price each € 34.90

Wild and uncontrolled groth of hair was a mark of animality in all civilisations.
Beginning with rare designs from the 18th century showing the shaving of a
womans pubic hair to early photographs were nudes looked like statuettes the
books show rare exemples from the 1930ties to the fifties and in Volume 3
DOMINIK ALTERIOs images for “filles” , in Volume 4 the “femme” type.



is said to be one of the 40 top artphotographers worldwide. He prefers very slim female bodies with little breasts. This
type is called in indian mythology “”Gazelle-woman”. He is a Aesthete and a artist. He studied old master painting in new York. After some initially amateurish and unsteady steps he succeeded, having taught himself, in achieving a masterly style in his work which gained international recognition. His works have been published in German, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

“Those who like his work, buy all of his books”
Jeff Dunas - Photographer and publisher

Filles Fatales Part 1
Slim female bodies, elegant and selfconfident, in high
class interiors of Chateaus and mansions, dressed in
refined Dessous or nude in romantic nature,
68 pages , 60 colorplates , Format 24 x 17 cm Hardcover
€ 19.90
Filles Fatales Part 2
slim females childwomanlike, with the flair of the
“femme fatale”, dressed in Nylons, Lace, Dessous in
the luxury of mansions and precious interiors. A feast
for the eyes of artlovers and connoisseuers.
28 x 22 cm 80 pages, 64 colorplates, Hardcover with
Goldimprint, -
€ 29.90
Odalisque Part 1
Inspired by the Orientalist painters of the 19th cent.
DOMINIK ALTERIO took pictures equivalent to the paintings
of the great Masters . The white slim Haremslave in the
enchanting atmospere of arab Interior, in picturesque landscapes
in Nord Africa, in the Temples of the Pharaoes. Theese pictures
are dreamlike like from the tales of 1001 night.
68 pages , 60 colorplates Format 24 x 17 cm Hardcover
€ 19.90

New titles 
printed in small numbered collectors editions only - Licences for foreign publishers are granted
  single copies each € 74.90 p.p. hardcover 29 x 19,5 cm   approx. 100 pages

  DOMINIK ALTERIO beautiful witches - Volume 1
now available including a short story of the whitchhunt of the past (text german)  available

The Historical Documentation

more than 1100 historic Photographs from 1850 - 1950
Four-volume Series of the Sexuality of Man with Historical Pictorial Documentation

A unique series with easily understood scientific text and extensive historical pictorial
depictions (more than 1100 images) .

Like the American researcher of sexuality, Kinsey, who compiled an extensive collection
of erotic glimpses from around the world, all variations of sexual life are here
documented in three large international collections of historical value, most of which are
unknown pictures. (Text German)

This elegant, neutral exhibition is for people with a cultured world view who see the
erotic as art and possess a corresponding psychological strength that makes self
understanding possible.

Volume 20- Part 1
The analogies
among ethyomology, the psyche, the development of sex characteristics, male and female
anatomy, hormones--the Oedipus complex--excision--the hymen--dimorphism--sexual
beha- vior--fellatio--petting--onanism--technical aids
128 pages; 367 bw pictorial documents

Volume 21 - Part 2
Male and Female Homosexuality
Femininity is in man even as masculinity is in woman.
Through a universal perspective we can reach a new assessment of sexual tendencies.
21.5 x 31 cm, more than 200 bw illus. from Paris and the U.S.A.

Volume 22 - Part 3
The Heterosexual Relationship
Rare, humorous, and piquant depictions, which have been collected from all over the
world and combined. Like the collection of the researcher Kinsey, it may reveal the
intimately private like nothing else. Nearly no position included in the Kamasutra is left
out. The text reveals an additional approx. 400 illus.

Volume 23 - Part 4
Special and Problem Cases
The main part of what is generally considered perversion is suppressed in most people.
Not manifesting these tendencies, they turn themselves into neurotics and psychotics.
Under the pretense of piety and religious fervor, sadists and masochists live these
inclinations out. That there is still much not understood is shown by scientific study.
The rarest material in print is now brought to the light of day after decades of
banishment. A rare opportunity for the knowledgeable and discerning. More than 200
historical pictorial documents. Limited bibliophile first edition.
each  € 29.90
Text german - But you dont need the explanation because one picture tells more than
thousand words.

Erotic Art
Still available, first editions. Limited DE-LUXE edition for bibliophiles 2000
numbered copies.

Erotic Art Volume 3 China, Japan, India before DM 180.- now only € 29.90
Erotic Art Volume 7 Antiquity before DM 180.- now only € 29.90
Erotic Art Volume 13 Exlibris before DM 180.- now only € 29.90
Erotic Art Volume 17 Early Erotic Photography before DM 180.- now only € 29.90

 Volume 12 - Erotic Art in Europe
1550 - 1880; with lexicon of artists; K-Z, and illustrated register of issues 1-12, including
the illustrations of "I Sonetti Lussuriosi" of Giulio Romani.

Volume 14 - Erotic Art in Europe1880 - 1935;
accompanied by text from Christian Faber-Castell, containing the rare "flagellant"
portfolio of Reunier.235 bw and 15 color plates.

Volume 15 Erotic Art in Europe1935 - 1980;
includes a collection in English of Superhumanism, artwork from G. Ovenden, Terry
Pastor, Eddy Wolfram, Knight.
274 bw and 24 color plates.

Volume 18
The Early Era of Erotic Film (Stagfilms)
181 bw illustrations and explanatory text. A preview of the special Volume for clubmembers of PRIVAT CASE.
With the Volume there are five  videos Volumes
(each approx. 60 min., without sound; each € 34.90 VHS only)

Volume 19
Erotic Photography of the 50s--The Heritage of Stefen Glass, London
the most beautyful nudes of the 50ties , 283 bw pictures;


new :

The new Series , limited first edition , all custom made, numbered, hardcover: 29 x 19,5 cm

more than 500 rare mostly unpublished  illustrations
ART & EROS 1 female nudes ART & EROS 3 hetero intercourse
ART & EROS2 lesbiens ART & EROS 4 trios and groupsex
ART & EROS 5 “Gretel and uncle George” ( comic-drawing like) and official NAZI Art (Nudes)
 all 5 volumes bound in one 500 pages € 199.90 , limited numbered edition of 50 copies only


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